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Helping to Develop Foster Care in Jamaica

A Partnership and A Passion

For many years, Owner/Operators of Nairn Family Homes, Phillip and Alice have had a vision. That one day, they would be able to share their years of experience, passion and knowledge in foster care with family and friends in Jamaica - Phillip’s home country. This long-time dream, to be a part of this ministry in Jamaica, is finally being realized. It is a ministry where children whose parents are unable to care for them would be given homes where foster parents were trained, well-supported and financially compensated.

In Jamaica, foster care looks a lot different than it does here in Canada.

In Jamaica, foster care looks a lot different and the model and amount of funding is not the same as here in Canada. More recently the Jamaican Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) are working towards having foster homes available for children who need them, however most children continue to live in residential childcare facilities (orphanages). Furthermore, the government is unable to give the families who have stepped up to be foster parents, adequate financial support, and therefore the children in their care, at times, are still not receiving what we would consider a reasonable standard of care.


We want to make sure that the children in foster care and the families caring for them are well supported (through training, counselling, and financially). This is why the charity For The Child Foster Care was developed. It has taken many years of hard work and dedication from several individuals, sponsors and organizations. After numerous proposals and applications, we have been successful in securing a permit from the CPFSA to operate the first private foster care agency on the Island of Jamaica.


We want to make sure that the children in foster care and

foster families are well supported.

This is a charity that is managed by our local partners, Family Life Ministries in Jamaica, a very experienced and well-respected organization under the leadership of Dr. Barry Davidson.  Personally and professionally, Phillip and Alice, are committed to helping their Jamaican partners to develop the program, support and train foster parents and raise funds to adequately provide for the children.

For the Child Foster Care is now operating the first private

foster care agency in Jamaica!

To this end, we invite you to join us in helping the orphans of Jamaica find loving families whom they can trust to care for them in a safe family environment. We have engaged the administrative services of MSC Canada, a charitable organization with similar projects here in Canada and around the world. MSC will accept your donation and provide tax deductible receipts. To donate click on Donate.



Phillip and Alice Bruce

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