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Nairn Family Homes

Ontario’s Private Foster Care Agency

Family Centered Foster Care is our Mission

Since the inception of Nairn Family Home in 1970, our founders have maintained, “the family is the centre of the growing process of children.”  We still hold to this belief.  Over the years, we have evolved in our methodology and training while maintaining a family-centered approach to foster care. 


Nairn Family Homes is a leading private foster care agency in Ontario. We believe that true growth happens through quality family relationships where foster children feel valued, appreciated and safe. This approach to foster care leads to the growth of the family as a whole where children become active participants and contributors to the entire family dynamics.  

Over the years we have sought to enhance our model of care by continuously reviewing and updating our foster parent training and support to ensure best practice based on good theory and sound research.

Foster Children

The Nairn Family Homes Advantage

Careful Matching

We strive to make the best fit for both the foster child and family.

Foster Family


Our team at Nairn Family Homes is committed to ongoing skill development and education of foster families.

Dedicated Attention

Our family supervisors have small caseloads in order to assist, advocate and support our foster families. You will never be alone with Nairn Family Homes by your side.

On-Call Support

The support team at Nairn Family Homes is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Relief Program

We believe that respite is necessary and important to a successful placement.


True growth in children is achieved through quality attachment relationships with trusted adults.

This is what we are working to build.

Foster Homes with a Private Foster Care Agency in Ontario

Nairn Family Homes is a private foster care agency located in Ontario. We believe that healthy families provide better outcomes and therefore we offer a range of high-quality foster care services to both the foster families and the children in their home. With over five decades of experience, we understand the needs of our children and families and work hard to provide outstanding support. If you are thinking of becoming a foster family, you have come to the right place.

When working with a foster care agency it is crucial that you partner with an organization that puts quality care first. Nairn Family Homes is a private foster care agency located in Ontario offering a range of services designed to promote happy, healthy homes. With a range of foster care services on offer, we have over five decades of experience with foster homes in the area, providing outstanding support throughout the process. If you are thinking of becoming a foster parent family, you have come to the right place.

Nairn Family Homes Provides Services to Foster Parents and Families in Ontario

What is foster care? This service provides children with short or long term temporary placements with a family that can care for their needs when their own families are unavailable. Who can be a foster family? If you have room in your home for a child, taking part in training will prepare you for becoming a foster parent. Nairn Family Homes in Ontario provides safe and supportive spaces for children and foster parents in Ontario and offers support at every step of the journey.

Are You Looking for Professional Foster Care Services?

Opening up your home to a child is one of the most compassionate decisions you can make. If you are interested in learning what it takes to provide foster homes for children in need, fill out our contact form or contact Nairn Family Homes in Ontario by calling us at (519) 294-0080.

Foster homes that promote
a child’s well-being

Family Foster Care

The mission of Nairn Family Homes is to place children in foster homes that best support and promote their well-being. We strive to carefully match foster families and children in a way that ensures better outcomes for the children and youth placed.

Opening your home to children who need a safe and secure environment is a rewarding experience that comes with its own unique challenges. Nairn Family Homes provides you with the support network you need in order to deliver the best possible care to your foster children.

Our in-service training aims to develop foster families who are notably experienced, well-trained and able to work effectively with the support components we have built into our system. 

Fostering is definitely our purpose in life. We plan on fostering forever."

- Opal, foster parent for 8 years

"I love being able to step into the gap when children are in need.

Nairn Family Homes supports foster parents with encouragement and compassion."  

-Lena, fostering for 22 years

"We know it is worth it to persevere in loving these children, and that the challenges can blossom into abundant blessings!”

-Jenn & Kevin, foster parents for 5 years

Healthy foster homes

empower children

Healthy foster homes empower children and youth to exhibit positive self-esteem and growth in their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual development. The best way to achieve growth and empowerment in children is through quality relationships with trusted adults. 

At Nairn Family Homes we provide you with a comprehensive network of dedicated parents and professionals to support you every step of the way. Our 24/7 on-call support is always available in times of need.

By developing healthy foster families, we ensure better outcomes for the children and youth placed with our foster families.

Private Fostering

The Nairn Family Homes Team

"Nairn Family Homes provides foster care, but the reason we exist is so that we can provide more than a home for children but also provide family."

-Dean Mullin, resource consultant

Our team is made up of dedicated, experienced and caring professionals that have been carefully selected and trained for the important task at hand.

We value academic training and education as well as practical, hands-on experience which is readily shared amongst our team. 

Most importantly each member of the Nairn Family Homes team is committed to the children placed in our care and the support of our foster families.


Foster care provides the opportunity for regular people to make a meaningful difference in their community.  Nairn Family Homes is always recruiting quality foster parents, volunteer drivers and child support workers.  

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