Our Program

Attachment-focused Impact Parenting

We believe true growth is achieved through quality relationships with trusting, caring adults. Research shows that the parent-child relationship plays a pivotal part in a child's development.  A healthy parent-child relationship builds attachment, giving the child a sense of security.

Attachment-focused Care

Our program is Attachment-focused (not consequence driven) with attention given to the emotional relationship. This differs from traditional methods that focus on consequences as a form of behavioural change.

Impact Parenting

Our model of care is known as Impact Parenting. It is based on the parent’s awareness of their own emotions and their ability to respond to the child's feelings thoughtfully. 

Our Foster Parents 

We are extremely proud of our team of foster parents.  We have families who have been with us, doing the work for over 25 years as well as fresh recruits learning the ropes.  Wherever our foster parents are in their journey, we are there to support them and provide them with the resources they need to provide for those placed in their care. 

We welcome families of diverse sizes, backgrounds, ages and make ups.  All sorts of people make great foster parents! We carefully match children with families to ensure the best possible experience for both. 

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